10 travel scam and how to avoid them

When you are traveling to someplace there will be many people you will meet and get to know. The people may seem genuine and nice but not everyone is like that even though they pretend. Many of them will take advantage and make you fall in a scam and take your money and some will even try to hurt you.

So what are the most common scam people get caught in?

The sauce trick

One of the most common tricks played by some locals, they will try to get you busy in conversation. While some of the other members either will fall by getting hit by you and act like he seriously got injured and you hurt him. They can even join some local shop owner and then someone will get pushed by you and fall on something that is owned by the shop. So, later on, they can force you to pay them even if you didn’t do anything.

Money changing

The most common trick used for people who comes from a foreign country. The locals will basically try to take you to a place where they will tell you to get a better exchange rate than the bank. Many people in the greed of that go with them end up getting either fake money or less money than they should. Some of them get caught and end up being looted. Many ways to rip the Foreigner’s pocket are known to the locals.

Dodgy tours

Dodgy in simple words means dishonest, and when you go with a dishonest tourist guide you will end up losing money from your holiday funds, end up getting hurt and injured also getting seriously sick. So whenever you are traveling no matter where you go always get a legit and licensed tour guide. Also, stays in only legit hotels that you book through a website and make sure to search the places and go through the recommended routes by experts from all over the internet sharing you where to go and where not to.

Taxi scam

Probably the most common way of scamming tourists and making them fool. Many people learn about basic stuff that you should look at the meter and things like that but don’t know that drivers are more clever. So, they will tell you that the meter is broken or take you from a long route. So, when you get into a cab or local ride make sure to ask that if their meter is on or not? And when they know this won’t work on you they take you to the longest routes so for that get the Google GPS activate. So, If they take you from the long way you will know and can tell so they will get their lesson and takes you in the right way.

And when this also not worked they used another way of earning they will recommend some nearby Restaurant and resort instead of taking you to where you wanted to go. For that they get commission and you get fooled, so better to order a cab from the official site like Uber or Ola. Also, get booking kg hotels from the website only.

Ticket scam

They will sell you tickets in the name of brands and discounts when you are boarding for bus and train. Then when you get inside and check it’s fake and try to look for the person who sold that to you, is gone and so is your money now.

Fake cops

They are everywhere almost disguising them as a real cop, the cops will try to take your ID or passport and will tell you some of the law and make you think that you are in some kind of trouble. Then later they will ask for some money and that if you gave them they will let you go. When this happens, make sure the real police don’t ask for any money on the spot and even if they do asking and they really are cops, tell them you will go to the police station to deal with the matter. The fake ones will usually go from this point.

Rental scam

Rental scam is easy to do, they will rent you something that has been already damaged from a place where it’s least visible. And they will get your ID with them and when you come back they will be like you need to pay for the damage. Getting away from this is easy you can just need to click pics of vehicles from every angle in front of the owner and show him that.

Bar scam

The freeloader scam is what I call this one. The guy or a girl will come with you to enjoy a great conversation and have a really great time enjoying a drink with you. Sometimes they even say that I will pay a drink as much as you want and then later they will make an excuse saying they will be back. Later you will find that the only thing that is coming back is your bill but you get a surprise as with yours the other person bill is there too.

Border scam

The people are fake visa officers that have some small office which they open when they need to scam and other than that it’s always closed. They will ask you fees to make your county visa and will rip you off. So make sure you go only to the official visa website.

Fake souvenirs

I will just say that this one is the best scam as it’s not guaranteed you will get saved by that. Even locals get hunted by this scam so you are just a tourist. They will show you some souvenirs and stuff telling you that it is made up of the locals and handcrafted too. While it will be cheap stuff from a factory.…