10+ life-changing movies to watch with teenagers

When someone is in their teenage years, parents can teach them a lot. As that age is really great for learning new thing teenagers have this always learning ability and they are filled with curiosity and always want to discover new things. This can make them a better person or a bad person, being a parent you should take care and make them learn what is wrong and what they should do.

Teaching them from good things to relationships, and even opening up about sexual life at a certain age is necessary.

So, what’s a better way to learn other than by watching some movies, and for that we got you 10+ movies that are related to life and fun to watch.

Mean Girls

The movie is a really popular movie of 2012, starring Lindsay Lohan, Jonathan Bennett, and Rachel McAdams. The movie explains and teaches you about the life of high school people, and it’s quite real as those things do happen. The story revolves around a girl named Cady where she is stepping into a new life of the high school and there she meets her friend. That tells her about this group of super popular girls called the Regina girls and also known as Plastics led by none other than Regina itself. They make a plan where they made Cady a fake plastic girl where she can mend with the group and become a plastic so they all can laugh on the plastics secrets. But soon when Cady joins the plastics she fell in love with Regina’s boyfriend, and later becomes a real plastic.

So the moral is simple, high schoolers do some mean things and they are the worst.

Easy A

The story is about a high school student, it’s staring Emma Stone. The story is about a girl named Olive, who agreed to have a lie with a guy that she had an affair with a college freshman which never existed. Soon after that when the rumor started spreading, she thought she started a way to become popular. So she helped many people getting popular by letting them say she slept with them. The number keeps increasing and she became the school slut, and now she has to get out and be open about all those lies so she won’t get expelled.

Lesson that it teaches? There is always another side to every story.

Fault in our stars

The best movie I could have ever asked for in my life, this one made me cry and made me understand what love is. The story stars Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Nat Wolff. I can’t even try to explain this movie in words, just It’s about a star that crossed hazel life. Hazel is a 17-year-old girl who has cancer and joins a support group, where comes the star of her life an 18-year-old guy named Augustus. Gus had cancer before and lost its leg and apparently was cured. The story is a romantic tale of these two but sadly a not so happy ending and will leave you in tears no matter how many times you see this.

Moral is simple, there are some people who cross your life that make you know what it means to you and how you should live it.

Harry Potter

Well the movie collection doesn’t need any explanation or introduction this is one of the most popular teenage movies and is a must watch one. Staring the most amazing actors of all the time Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley, Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. The story revolves around the blessed child name Harry Potter who survives the great dark magician Lord Voldemort. Later on, when Harry gets on its teenage he was taken away from the human world into the Hogwarts the world of wizardry. Where lies the darkest secrets and the people of Voldemort and Voldemort itself trying to get back to the world so he can rule again. Harry Potter and its friends try to stop Lord Voldemort from getting back into the world.

The story itself is amazing, although it’s not real life for sure it’s great for any teenager to watch and is a must-watch movie.

Some of the other movies you can watch are.

13 going on 30

Pitch perfect

Forrest Gump (best movie of all time)

The Shawshank redemption( Still no 1 om IMDb ratings)


Catch me if you can

Slumdog millionaire (must watch)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Fight Club (one of the best)

127 hours(true story must watch)