Best way to lose arm fat faster

When you start gaining weight you will see that fat always comes to places that are easily seen. The fat is easy to gain but very hard to lose people keep trying to get rid of the fat from their belly, arms and things as these parts are the most easily to gain fat.

So what to do if you want to lose fat? And especially if you want to get rid of that flabby arms of yours and have nice tight arms. Well let me tell you first, there is no way to just lose fat from one area only. So, if you think you will just lose your fat from arms only or form thighs only it’s not possible.

The body needs full workout and while doing that you can put some extra exercise that will help you get results better for that place that you are targeting. So to start losing fat from your arms, belly or thighs you need to follow a few basic steps to get that result.

Focus on overall weight loss

When you’re trying to lose weight or trying to get rid of fat from a specific part. You first need to get rid of overall fat, when you work out for any part it doesn’t really help you lose that part fat only. It may build your muscles for that part but it still won’t show as the fat is still there. So do full-body workout so you get faster results.

Get to the gym ask your trainer about full-body fat loss workouts the HIIT workout and functional training which will help you a lot in losing overall body fat. If you are not able to go to the gym or you don’t want to go to the gym, you can always do HIIT in-home and running which will make you lose your overall body fat.


While losing weight no matter what part is your goal to lose fat from you will need a proper diet. Make sure you take fiber, protein, vitamin, little carbs, and good fat. Leave all of your bad food habits no oily food, no cheese, it milk products no getting drunk or having a cigarette for smoking. You will need to leave all those things as it is the most important thing to do when you are trying to lose fat. You need to be consistent and careful of what you eat. Don’t overeat anything take small portions to get not more than 3 meals because you are losing fat. People who think dieting is just eating healthy are wrong, sometimes people just think that they are eating healthy so they can eat more and that leads to gain in weight. Which is obvious, eating healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want, you need to control your hunger. Try avoiding your afternoon snacks or evening snacks or you before going to bed snacks.


Drink more water this is something that everyone should do even if you are not trying to lose weight. Drinking lots of water is good for health as it keeps your body clean, helps you stay hydrated and clears all the impurities inside your body and also removes the extra fat that your body stores through the process of urination.

Exercise more

Start doing cardio and lifting weights. When you are losing or trying to lose your fat you need to make sure you do 65 percent of cardio and 35 percent of weight training as the cardio will help you to lose your weight easily. Try doing HIIT and cardio like running, cycling, cross trainer in the morning with an empty stomach. It’s not scientifically proven that it will help you lose fat faster but that’s something I do and many other people do when they want to lose fat.

And do weight lifting 5 to 6 exercise max every day to get really great results.


Sleeping is really important this is a thing that you need in your life to just stay physically active. Try sleeping more At least 8 hours or 9 hours in a day. Sleeping helps bring up your extra calories and give you a better mental and physical strength. The studies show that every hour of sleep you burn 0.52 calories per pound. So if you are 180 pounds you are burning almost 100 calories an hour so sleep as much as you can.

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