Are you cleaning your dishwasher enough often? Here’s how

When you use a dishwasher just like other things it also needs your care. Even though it’s something that washes your dishes it still needs to be washed and cleaned often. When you keep your dishwasher clean it will prevent your dishes from getting bacteria and it will wash them better, the smell won’t get lost and it will not overflow.

So yes you got it that not cleaning dishwasher often may lead you to get not clean dishes. That will for sure make you sick, you might not see sometimes that your dish is not that clean too. It will lose its fragrance as the overuse of dishwasher without any clean up will make it smells like the dishes and that’s it slowly it will start to lose its fragrance.

But fear not cleaning your dishwasher is not that hard and can be done easily.

Clean the filter

This is where the food that stays on your plates get caught. The overuse of the dishwasher will obviously get the food in the filter. It will keep getting collected and if you don’t clean that filter and take that food out. The dishwasher will start to overflows which will make you clean not just the dishwasher but now even the floor of your kitchen. So, make sure you clean your filter At Least once a week or maybe twice if you get a lot of dishes and have a big family. Check the manual where your filter inside the dishwasher. After that when you find it out you need to open the screw and take out the filter let the food and water go down if the chunks of food are bigger then just take them out and throw it in the dustbin of anything like that. Now wash the filter with warm water and soap, take a liquid soap or if you have a dishwashing soap that will be better for you. So get a soap and some small brush or an old toothbrush and start washing your dishwasher filter.

Clean the seal

Make sure you seal is cleaned when you using a dishwasher, seal is the reason why the water is inside your dishwasher and not outside of it. So you can say it’s pretty important to make sure it’s clean and safe. To make sure it stays clean you need to take warm water and scrub and clean it properly then take a clean dry cloth and wipe the water down. Do this at least once a month for having the best results.

Water sprayers need to de-clog

The sprayers are the pipes that spray water on the dishes and help it clean. They need to be cleaned too, but not that often just cleaning them once a month is enough and will let you get a clean spray pipe. For cleaning them take a brush like an old toothbrush and take the food particles out from the spraying holes. So when it sprays the water comes out with great forces removing the food and cleaning your dishes easily.

Dishwasher smells?

What to do when your dishwasher starts to smell a lot well, don’t worry there is a simple and super easy method to do that. But first, let’s talk about what most people do many people can use vinegar as that’s what they heard or seen people doing. Which is not good because it will damage your plastic in your dishwasher. So instead of that take baking soda and sprinkle that at the floor of your dishwasher and let it rest for a night. Then the next day run your dishwasher on normal mode empty that will help you get a cleaner dishwasher and get rid of that bad smell too.

Take care of your latch

When you using the dishwasher for years, its latch will start to get rusty too as in the end, it is a steal. So when that happens and it gets rusty you need to take a steel cleanser and clean your latch with that, later on, you take a dry cloth and wipe all of it out. There’s this additional thing you can do is take a nail polish and put it so you will get a waterproof metal protection.

Clean silverware basket

The silverware basket is really easy to get dirty and bad so make sure you clean it every week. The process is the same as the filter, take warm water, soap, and brush and start cleaning. Make sure you clean it good so the food particles won’t be stuck inside of the basket which can later cause mold.

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